What are Monoclonal Antibodies?

Doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America are using monoclonal antibodies to help fight cancer. The use of monoclonal antibodies is some of the many ways doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America use biotherapy to help fight cancer. This innovative biotherapy utilizes special antibodies that target specific antigens located on the surface of tumor cells. Antibodies are protein molecules produced in the b cells, and are the primary immune defense system. Monoclonal therapy is unique because they use lab-created antibodies instead of a person's own immune system. This type of treatment is called passive immunotherapy, and can help defeat cancer while keeping normal body cells safe. 

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Two Variants of Monoclonal Antibodies 

  • "Naked monoclonal antibodies are those without any drug or radioactive material attached to them."
  • "Conjugated monoclonal antibodies are those joined to a chemotherapy drug, radioactive particle, or a toxin (a substance that poisons cells)"  Learn more.. 

Monoclonal Antibodies and how it attacks the Influenza Virus

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Production of Monoclonal Antibodies 

Learn more about the process of monoclonal antibodies by clicking the image below to view the video or by clicking here.  

Nobel Prize Winners for Monoclonal Antibodies 

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 Approved Monoclonal Antibodies

This chart shows the many monoclonal antibodies and it's use in fighting off a disease as well as the many pharmaceutical drugs that have been approved since 1997 till now. 


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